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What is Idhar IO?

Idhar IO is a platform that enables publishers to monetize from their social media engagements & resources.
Publishers can generate revenue by driving relevant traffic to our network of websites on their social platforms & we will monetize your traffic on per click basis.
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Network Stats

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Idhar IO is a platform that enables publishers to monetize from their social media engagement & resources. You have to apply for a publishers account on Idhar IO platform & wait till your account is approved. Once your account is approved, you are ready to share the links of viral stories from our network on your social media platforms.


We work on PPC (Pay Per Click) basis. We analyse your traffic on our network and pay you accordingly. We have different RPMs (Revenue Per Miles i.e Revenue per thousand impressions) for different countries. The minimum RPM of our network is . For each click on your unique link, we will monetize your account.


Their is no limit how much you can earn. The minimum payout of our network is 1000. Once you reach your thresold, you can request the payout. You can receive your payments via Bank Transfer, Paytm or Paypal. We also have a feature of On-Demand payouts i.e whenever you need money, you can request it.
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Sagar Gulati

Sagar Gulati

Founder, CEO

Gurmeet Singh Saluja

Gurmeet Singh Saluja

Co-Founder, CFO

Kavi Bharath

Kavi Bharath

Senior Manager, CMO

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We would like to whole hearthly thanks to the people who helped us and encouraged us for this awesome startup when nobody did.

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

Nihaal Sagar, Mohit Behl & The Team
Bakchod Billi

Bakchod Billi

Shivansh Sharma, Harshit Gupta & Sumit Rajput
Stunt Ke Deewane

Stunt Ke Deewane

Mani Singh

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